Seminarios y conferencias

Aurelio Carnero, "The Dark Energy Survey, cosmological results and future perspectives"


In this talk I will summarize the most recent cosmological results from the Dark Energy Survey (DES). By combination of different probes (weak lensing, large scale structure, baryonic acoustic oscillations and supernovae Ia), DES has for the first time, for a galaxy survey, reached a precision in the cosmological parameters of the order of cosmic microwave background experiments. So far, no significant deviations from the LCDM model have been found. In the upcoming years, DES will improve over its current results, which will help to elucidate whether we are on the verge of a new revolution in cosmology, through a breakdown of the LCDM model, or if, on the contrary, the concordance model still holds as the best explanation for the nature of the Universe.