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Alberto Escalante del Valle, "Searches for physics beyond the Standard Model (and the beamspot) with CMS"

by Dr Alberto Escalante Del Valle ( Austrian Academy of Sciences)

UTC (Online)




Are the LHC experiments covering the whole possible beyond standard model (BSM) parameter space? Are there well motivated experimental signatures which were not sufficiently studied? A common assumption in conventional searches at the LHC is to expect the new particles, if unstable, to decay promptly close to the beamspot. However, in many cases this assumption is driven by convenience rather than by physics consideration. In fact, many well-motivated BSM models contain parameter space featuring long lived particles (LLP) with macroscopic lifetimes that decay away from the beamspot. Searches for this type of experimental signatures are therefore well motivated but much more challenging. In this seminar I will present an introduction to LLP searches at the LHC with a focus on CMS results following a detector driven approach. In particular, I will cover the typical challenges in LLP searches, common background rejection techniques, and theoretical interpretations. Finally, I will discuss the prospects for LLP searches in the LHC Run III and beyond.

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