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Codex-b, an experiment to unveil BSM physics searching for LLPs

by Xabier Cid Vidal




The lack of discovery of Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics so far makes fresh, bold, new ideas become even more important. In this regard, the particle physics community is becoming more and more interested by models including Long-Lived Particles (LLPs). LLPs appearing in BSM models might be produced copiously at the LHC and still escape undetected if they are neutral, light and have lifetimes beyond ~10-7 s. Because of this, several new proposals have been made to detect these elusive LLPs. Among these, one of the most promising is that of Codex-b, which will be situated next to the LHCb detector, behind a 3 m thick concrete radiation shield, approximately 25 m from the LHCb pp interaction point. In this seminar I will discuss why LLPs are important and what different proposals exist to detect them, focusing specially in Codex-b. I will discuss the physics reach of the experiment, its technology and our short and mid-term plans to have a successful detector running in some years from now.

Zoom Coordinates:, pass 092020