Seminarios y conferencias

Towards a gravitational-wave catalogue of Proca-star mergers

by Dr Juan Calderón Bustillo (IGFAE)

Zoom (Online)




The third observing run of Advanced LIGO and Virgo has delivered one gravitational-wave signal consistent with a compact binary merger in the intermediate-mass black-hole range, known as GW190521. This has challenged our analyses, all done within the “canonical” paradigm of quasi-circular black-hole binaries. First, it required the usage of waveform models not available only a few months earlier. Second, under such assumption, GW190521 points to the existence of a black-hole in the PISN gap. The barely observable pre-merger emission of these signals, however, allows for the consideration of alternative scenarios both within and beyond the black-hole merger one. In this talk, I will present an analysis of GW190521 within the context of the head-on merger of horizonless compact objects known as boson (Proca)-stars. This could be the first element of an eventual catalogue of new exotic objects.

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