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SciFi: a new large Scintillating Fibre Tracker for LHCb

by Arantza Oyanguren Campos (IFIC), José Mazorra de Cos (IFIC)

Maria de Maeztu (Edificio 2)

Maria de Maeztu

Edificio 2


The LHCb detector is currently being upgraded to cope with the higher LHC instantaneous luminosity and to be able to read out the proton-proton collision data at 40 MHz using a trigger-less read-out system.

The new main central tracker detector, the SciFi Tracker, consists of long round scintillating fibres of 2.4m length and 250µm of diameter. The scintillation light is recorded with arrays of multi-channel silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs). A custom ASIC, named PACIFIC, is used to digitize the SiPM signals. Subsequent digital electronics performs clustering and data-compression before the data is sent via optical links to the DAQ system. The complete detector cover a total area of 340 m2, providing a single hit efficiency above 99% and a spatial resolution for charged particles better than 80 µm on the bending plane.

In this talk we will show the development, construction and commissioning of the SciFi. We will also provide information of the expected physics gain with this new tracker.


Seminario en formato semipresencial: Edificio 2 + zoom (