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Quantum Entanglement and Bell inequalities with top pairs at the LHC

by Juan Antonio Aguilar Saavedra (IFT)

Maria de Maeztu (E2)

Maria de Maeztu



Spin correlations in top-antitop production have been studied for nearly 30 years, and related observables have been measured by the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations. Yet, a new twist on these studies is their interpretation in terms of the entanglement of the top quark and anti-quark, and in the possible violation of Bell-like inequalities that would hold if Nature did not obey quantum-mechanical rules. I will briefly review the formalism required for this interpretation, to later discuss entanglement observables, and how they can be measured in current LHC data as well as in the HL-LHC. 



Seminario CFP, hibrido: Edificio 2, Sala María de Maeztu / Zoom

Coordenadas zoom:, pass 092020