Seminarios y conferencias

New avenues in exotic Higgs Decays

by Jose Miguel No Redondo (IFT)

Sala Maria de Maeztu (Edificio 2)

Sala Maria de Maeztu

Edificio 2


Exotic Higgs decays are a very well-motivated avenue to probe beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics interacting with the 125 GeV Higgs. In this talk, we explore various types of exotic Higgs decays which are not currently targeted experimentally, yet would offer a powerful probe of new physics scenarios in relation to dark matter (DM) and the origin of the baryon asymmetry of the Universe (baryogenesis). We first study exotic Higgs decays h -> Z X, with X an invisible BSM particle, resulting in a semi-dark final state. Such exotic Higgs decays may occur in theories of axion-like-particles (ALPs), dark photons or pseudoscalar mediators between the SM and DM. We analyze h -> Z X searches at the LHC and a future ILC, showing that these exotic Higgs decays can yield sensitivity to unexplored regions of parameter space for ALPs and DM models. We then briefly discuss the possibility of exotic Higgs decays into heavy neutral leptons, and their potential relation to baryogenesis. 

Coordenadas: Zoom / Edificio 2 Sala Maria de Maeztu