25-29 January 2021
Europe/Madrid timezone

CIEMAT is pleased to announce a Workshop on Experiences during Hadron LINAC commissioning supported by the Advanced Diagnostics for Accelerators Work Package of the ARIES network.

The aims of the Workshop are to:

  • Bring together instrument designers, experts and research groups working on the commissioning of proton or ion linear accelerators.
  • Review the experiences on the commissioning of hadron LINACs from the first day of operation up to more regular operation.
  • Discuss the discrepancies between the beam instruments requirements specified at the design phase and the real needs and applications requirements during commissioning.
  • Explore the feedback about the LINAC layout and usage of diagnostics test benches during stage-based commissioning.
  • Strengthen existing collaborations between groups and develop new ones.

We ask you kindly to register for this workshop. There is no fee related to the participation.

For more information please contact Plinac@ciemat.es

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