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The hunt for non-resonant signals of new physics at the LHC

by Ilaria Brivio (University of Bologna)

Sala Maria de Maeztu (Edificio 2)

Sala Maria de Maeztu (Edificio 2)


10 years after the discovery of the Higgs boson, the LHC is gearing up for two more decades of operations, during which it will evolve into a precision machine. Amidst a shortage of particle discoveries, precision will allow the implementation of new strategies to search for new physics, aiming for non-resonant signals.
The talk will broadly discuss the role played by such searches in the quest for new physics: I will first give an overview of the status of the "SMEFT program", a wide measurements campaign in the framework of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory, that captures heavy new physics sectors. The second part of the talk will discuss an example of non-resonant signals induced by light new physics, specifically by Axion-Like-Particles. The interplay with resonant/direct searches will be discussed for both cases, and I will briefly present the challenges and prospects for the upcoming LHC Run 3.


Seminario CFP, hibrido: Edificio 2, Sala María de Maeztu / Zoom

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