May 1, 2023 to June 16, 2023
Europe/Madrid timezone

Call for LOIs

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline

Instructions for the LOI submission

The LOI submission will be done electronically via an Indico website set up for this purpose.

Since the page was created with Indico, you will read sometimes “abstract” where it should say “LOI” when it was not possible to change it.

Information to be considered:

  • Before submitting a proposal, the main researchers/spokespersons should create an INDICO account and then register on the NDP2023 web. You may have already an INDICO account if you attended some previous ARIEL or SANDA meetings.

  • Use the LOI template that can be downloaded from here.

  • LOIs from the same author to different topics (labeled as tracks by Indico) should be sent separately.

  • LOIs addressing one activity with the participation of various institutions should be sent separately, one per institution involved. The various partial LOIs will be identified as a joint proposal, by using the same title and acronym in the submission form. Each partial LOI should contain the information for each institution and describe what will be the task of each institution.

  • LOIs requesting funding for activities that were funded by SANDA will not be accepted.

  • If a rare or specific sample is required for your measurement, please contact in advance to the sample providers (JRC-Geel, PSI...) to make sure that it will be delivered on time.

The proposals should include the information listed below, which will be used for its evaluation and allocation of funding:

  • A title.
  • A brief summary (content) with the motivation and description of the work, to be introduced in the corresponding text field in the submission form.
  • The type of contribution. The only choice is “LOI”.
  • The list of authors. Introduce at least one, corresponding to the LOI spokesperson.
  • An uploaded Word document not longer than 2 pages for the text and 1 for the figures, with the following structure:

I. The motivation of the LOI.
II. Description of the activity.
III. Expected results and relevance.
IV. Justification of the feasibility and risk assessment.
V. Resources already available and requested from the EC

  • A track, corresponding to the topic of your LOI.
  • Acronym of the LOI.
  • Home institution.
  • Project goal from 1 to 5. Please select from the pull-down menus (up to 5 choices) which priorities will address your proposal. Choose none if less than 5.
  • Mark yes/no if you need a rare sample for your measurement.
  • PMs requested. Number of PMs to be funded by the EC.
  • Average cost of 1 PM at your institution. It is necessary for estimating the funding allocation.
  • Other costs. Besides personnel costs, indicate travel expenses, fungible and minor equipment.
  • Facility. In case of a detector development or a measurement, please indicate the facility where it will be done.
  • Starting month (48 months project) of the proposed activity.
  • Ending month of the proposed activity.
  • Expected results/deliverables. Indicate the expected results of the LOI and the month during which they will be delivered.
  • Phd thesis at the end of the activity? Indicate if the work will result in a PhD.

All these items correspond to the fields of the submission form.

The LOI template and the list of priorities can be also downloaded via the links to "materials" at the bottom of the Overview page.

The call for abstracts is closed.