Sep 26 – 27, 2022
Europe/Madrid timezone

NFS facility at GANIL/SPIRAL2: scientific program, technical solutions and operation

Sep 27, 2022, 10:20 AM


Xavier Ledoux (Ganil)


The neutrons for science (NFS) is the running facility of SPIRAL-2 located at GANIL (France). It provides intense neutron beams in the 1-40 MeV range, produced by the interaction of proton or deuteron beams, delivered by the LINEAR accelerator of SPIRAL-2, with lithium or beryllium converters. The intense neutrons flux available and the large time-of-flight area make NFS a perfect facility for fast neutron induced reaction studies. Large number of physics cases will be studied at NFS, from fundamental research to industrial applications. NFS received its first beam in December 2019 and the commissioning started in the fall of 2020 with proton beams. The first experiments are being carried out between October and December 2021. After a description of the facility, the main characteristics of NFS will be presented. Then physics cases studied at NFS and some of the already performed experiments will be presented.

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